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“Finally a course for teachers that is scientifically based and fun to learn!”
70% of high school students fail to graduate “college ready”
50% of college students fail or drop out, most in the first year.
0.07% of students attended a program that did a “good job”
teaching them to succeed in college.
Let’s change that…
Discover the new science of learning
called the Farrow Method.
Hailed by researchers and teachers, it is the best selling memory training program in the world today and growing for a reason… it works!
We have partnered with the College of Extended Learning at Cal State San Bernardino to offer two units of optional credit at the continuing education/professional development level to people who successfully complete this convenient online training program.*
With this system your students will…
  • Discover the new theory of memory that shows you the area and function of the brain that controls the long term memory.
  • Learn how to take control of this memory “trigger” mechanism to memorize anything quickly and easily.
  • Discover their “memory personality” that will give you a fully customized learning approach for each student.
  • Master the simple way to trigger powerful mental focus, at will.
  • Smile and laugh, enjoying the process of creative based learning techniques.
Course Description:
This course will train an individual to teach the Farrow Memory System in the classroom and tutoring environments. The most popular memory program in the world today, it is a scientific based memory and speed learning program which uses the newest techniques and newest developments in neuro-science research. The hippocampus is the region of the brain believed to be responsible for storing information into the long-term memory and Dave Farrow, through the Farrow Memory System, has discovered a personalized set of Memory Triggers. Learn the 6 Memory Triggers, which one is your strongest, and how to identify the different Memory Triggers in your students. These Memory Triggers will determine what the brain focuses on and thus remembers. The Memory Trigger Test will explain why some information easily enters the long-term memory without repetition, and why students struggle to remember other basic information. When you discover your own personal Memory Triggers, it makes this process effortless. Both student and teacher will learn to trigger their long term-memory at will. In addition the program covers how to trigger mental focus at will using a similar method. The founder used this very system to turn ADHD into a strength and achieve the Guinness World Record Status in Memory. Masters of this method can learn up to 8 times faster than average.
This program will give your students real results you can see in the first class.
Make everything from History to Homeschooling classes come alive with this fun and energetic learning tool.
Make today the day you learn how to stop focus issues from disrupting your classroom. 
Teaching Point: Can understanding how cavemen think, overcome ADHD in kids?
The Farrow Memory Program takes advantage of that natural way the brain works. This course covers a simple method based on the way the brain is naturally geared to learn in the real world. After working being diagnosed with ADHD as a teenager Dave Farrow found few options in his future. That pain drove him to find a solution. While studying how the brain focuses he theorized that most learning success is really based on how the brain reacts in a crisis situation. The Fight or Flight mechanism was responsible for why he could not focus and why so many others could achieve high levels of it. The very same mental ability that helped a caveman respond to danger was holding him back.
Through experimentation he trained his brain to achieve high levels of focus at will by triggering this ability at will instead of by chance, regardless of distractions. This amazing focus ability turned this ADHD kid into one of the world’s top brains. But he didn’t stop there.
Through his best selling courses and seminar Dave spread word of this method called the “Farrow Focus Method” to industry and education with amazing success. Today this system is helping students of all ages achieve their highest mental potential.
Homeschooling parents! If you believe your kids are capable of B’s and A’s when they’re getting C’s and D’s this can be the solution!
The good news is that this is a learnable skill! Even better, it is fun to teach and learn! It’s common to laugh and smile during class while getting better results than ever.
In this program you will discover:
How to develop a push button memory
How to train brains to work during distractions.
How to overcome symptoms of ADHD and turn it into strength.
How to raise the productivity quotient (the measure of how much we accomplish over a given time)
How to teach the way the brain naturally learns - instead of fighting each teaching point it makes school work fun and easy.
How to get students to pay attention more, learn faster and grade higher regardless of class sizes. 
How to achieve the amazing results Dave has achieved with students.
Read this amazing systems impact!
The Science Education Revolution:
Most of the scientific community regarded the human memory static and based on genetic traits. Long-term memory was believed to be the result of stimulating the brain into storing information properly. In layman's terms that means, you need to wake up and pay attention or repeat something hundreds of times to remember something.
But that did not explain why some people remembered everything on a particular subject and did poorly in others.
Dave showed that a part of your brain is always on the hunt for information that fits its personality. This trait also helped to explain the student's interests, career desires, movie or book interests and mny choices in life.
This explains why sports fanatics will remember every statistic involved in a sport but will not recall any other form of numbers or where they park the car for that matter. It also explains why memory techniques and other study aids traditionally work for a small group of people but most people don't see results.
With this framework Dave launched his study methods, a simple system to unearth the incredible genius in all of us. By knowing your memory personality you feed information to the brain in the form it is looking for and learning becomes effortless.
Whether you are a math teacher wanting students to focus better, a science teacher wishing for greater retention of terms, a language teacher looking for a way get vocabulary into your students’ memory or a homeschooler/parent looking to a superior teaching method.  This is the solution!
Take advantage now of this amazing one of a kind training!
*Dave Farrow Memory Courses has partnered with the College of Extended Learning at California State University, San Bernardino to offer two units of optional credit at the continuing education/professional development level for students who successfully complete the "Farrow Memory System" course requirements by viewing all online videos and content, and answering all related quizzes and tests, scoring above 70% on all quizzes and tests.  The fee for the two units of credit is $120 paid to Cal State in San Bernardino (this does not include the cost of the course through Farrow Inc.)
and those students who wish to register for the one unit of optional credit are reminded that once registered, This optional credit course fee is paid directly to Cal state san Bernardino, Students who successfully complete the course will receive a link to register; The link will contain all registration information..

Credit applicability is the student’s responsibility. Credit for these courses is offered through the College of Extended Learning at California State University, San Bernardino. The credit is numbered at the 1000 level or higher and is continuing education/professional development credit designed for practicing teachers to improve their classroom skills and/or move on salary scales. It may also be accepted in health care, business or other environments as evidence of successful completion of the "Farrow Memory System" course.  California State University, San Bernardino is fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges and its credits are therefore typically accepted by other agencies. However you should inquire with the appropriate agencies in your area to ensure this particular credit is acceptable for your purposes.